How to Spot a Fake Gucci Handbag

How to Spot Fake Gucci Bags

Two Methods:

If you love Gucci bags, then of course you want the real deal. To be confident when you're buying, you need to know how to spot the fakes. Luckily, there are a number of signs you can look for, so you won't be caught buying knockoffs.


Examining the Bag

  1. Ask for images of the actual bag.That is, if it looks like the company is just using a stock image, request images of that bag specifically, especially if you are buying it used.
  2. Look for sloppy stitching.Gucci pays close attention to detail, so their stitching will be even and neat. If thread is pulling out or if it seems uneven on a bag, that bag is likely a fake.
  3. Examine the back of the label.The back of the label should have the serial hand-stamped on it. The letters should be small and close together. If they are widespread apart, it's likely a fake.
    • Also look for the copyright symbol (a circle with an R in it). The label should also have "Gucci" on it. Look specifically at the "u," which should be less bold on the right than the left.
  4. Check the seams.Where seams meet, the pattern should line up precisely. Also, letters and logos won't be cut in half with the real thing.
  5. Feel the leather.The leather shouldn't be tough, but rather, soft and supple. Obviously, that is harder to see online, but in person, you should feel the leather.
    • On Gucci bags, the leather should be pebbled napa leather. Microsuede is a dead giveaway for a fake.
  6. Look for glue lines.If you can see glue spilling out anywhere, it likely isn't a Gucci. Check where the different types of materials meet, and look at the lining inside for glue.
  7. Check for rust.The metal on Gucci bags should not rust. Look closely at the places where the metal meets the leather or canvas.
  8. Look for the sheen.Gucci bags are usually canvas. When you tilt them in the light, they should be lightly shiny.
  9. Examine against the real thing.That is, visit a store to see the real thing in person. Counterfeiters will often get parts of the bag wrong, especially on the inside, such as pocket locations or lining color.
  10. Check for misspellings.Sometimes counterfeiters get words on the label wrong, so check to make sure words are spelled correctly.

Paying Attention to the Store and Listing

  1. Look at the "About Us" page.Authenticate sites will have information on their store and a mission on their about me page. Authenticate sites are more likely to have the real thing.
    • Of course, fake stores can set up a fake "About Us" page. However, if it's missing, it's a giveaway of a low-quality store.
  2. Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.They should offer reassurances about the authenticity of their bags, as well as answer questions you have about the bags.
  3. Look for the phrase "guaranteed authentic Gucci bag." Don't be fooled by other phrases such as "guaranteed original."
  4. Check out how many listings they have.A seller with thousands of listings is not likely selling real Gucci bags.
  5. Examine whether it's a site with one seller.Sites such as Amazon and eBay feature multiple sellers, so it's more difficult to tell if you have a quality seller.
    • You can still find real Gucci bags on these sites. You just need to be more careful about who you buy from.
  6. Skip the roadside stands.Bags being hawked on the side of the road are not likely to be the real thing.
  7. Consider the price.If the bag your buying is considerably cheaper than a similar item on another site, it's likely fake.

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How to Spot Fake Gucci Bags
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