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The wikiHow Herald
Herald:A messenger, especially one bringing important news.

wikiHow Launched in 18th Language: Turkish


September marked an exciting milestone for the International team, and the community as a whole, with the launch of! With the successful implementation of the Turkish language version, wikiHow is now available in 18 languages: English, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

Turkish is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, with an estimated 88 million people worldwide speaking it as either a first or second language. Many native Turkish speakers can be found in Western Asia and Southeast Europe, and it's the official language of Turkey, Northern Cyprus, and Cyprus.

Imagine a world where anyone can easily learn how to do anything. A world where access to comprehensive step-by-step instructionsin multiple languagesenablesbillions of people to improve their lives, in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. That’s the world we want to create.”- wikiHow Vision

The English language version of wikiHow is the largest language project, with the highest number of articles and readership. However, you might be surprised to learn that people read wikiHow in over 240 countries, with a large portion of them visiting the international sites. This is a clear indication that there’s a worldwide demand for access to how-to guides that can be used to help teach anyone in the world how to do anything. The international language teams at wikiHow are an integral part of striving toward our mission, and through work on international projects we are reaching millions of additional readers every month.

While Turkish wikiHow was only recently launched, there are already more than 350 articles live. So far, the most popular article is .

Are you a fluent Turkish speaker, or know someone who is?

If you are a fluent Turkish speaker, or know someone who is, you can help out by translating articles from the English version of wikiHow. If you would like to help out with translating, send an email to to get connected with the International team and learn more about how you can get involved.

If you don’t speak Turkish, that’s okay too — you can help out by editing on the English version of wikiHow and helping to ensure we have high-quality articles that can be published by translators into other language versions.

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WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish
WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish images

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2019 year - WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish pictures

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WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish pictures

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WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish new foto

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Watch WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish video
Watch WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish video

Communication on this topic: WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish, wikihow-heraldwikihow-turkish/
Communication on this topic: WikiHow:HeraldwikiHow Turkish, wikihow-heraldwikihow-turkish/ , wikihow-heraldwikihow-turkish/

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